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hotel. what police say may have caused the violence. >> it is a horrible betrayal of our 3000 victims. >> protests jjst feet from ground zero. why mosque is one step closer3 tonight to becoming a reality. >> a warning for back to school shoppers. the dangerous chemical in some school supplies and how you can avoid them. >> and which cars are top targets for car thieves. %-wbff tv in baltimore, thhs ism fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is off tonight weú continue to follow a breaking story tonight out of downtown baltimore. after a shooting inside of the hilton hotel. karen parks live outside of the hotel along pratt street. with the latest on the violence, and n a busy section of the city of baltimore tonight. karen, what have you heard since 10:00, last time we spoke?
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>>well, jeff, not much more information that i can tell you. but i can say that the couple, local residents, check into a yesterday. and were right here at thh next to camden yards. they had plans to check out tomorrow. while they were here, here were no prror calls about loud noises or arguments coming from the room. firrt sign of trouble is the shooting. police were called to the hotel, about 7:00, and inveetigators say the woman believed to be in her 20s, shot the male victim in the abdomen. with a .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun. the victim was able to call hotel staff. for help. who then called city police. police say all of this started when an argument got out of control. the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. woman had lacerations to her back. both taken to area hospitals. >> at minimum we have a guard post order her, at the hospital. and we anticipate attempted
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first-degree murder charges, and handgun charges for sure. >> very nice hotel. i mean, surprising on some levels. but we are becoming immune to the fact that you see shooting in areas that you don't expect any more. and that's a big part of it. >> the gun was legally registered to the woman. who police believe may be connected to a local bail bondsman. the victim in this case, may also have several open local warrants. no one else was hurt innthe shooting. and no guests were evacuated. reporting live in downtown baltimore. karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right karen. this latest shooting tonight comes as an entire country joins together to ight crime. the goal of national night out.3 is to raise awareness. and crime prevention. and strengthen community spirit. events held in cities and communities all across the nation tonighh. including one in charles village where the recent murder of a hopkins researcher is still on people's minds tonight. >> i am talking about what
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peoole have not been talking about, which is that a lot of mental illness in the city. and i would not be surprised if the people that attacked that young man, couple of sundays ago was mentally ill. >> some of those taking part in tonight's events say word f mouth, of course, is a great crime prevention tool. >> baltiiore's top cop saii residents should abandon the so-called "stop snitching" mentality but many people are still afraid to report a crime for fear of becoming victims themselves. crime and justice reporter joy lepola takes a close look at the fight to change the perception of crime in baltimore. >> "stop snitching" made a splash in ballimore in 2004. a dvd with drug dealers threatening people's lives if they cooperated with police and prosecutors. it is a mindset that still exists to this day. it is not a myth. a man was sent ddwn last week, and it is suspected he was targeted because he cooperated with police, regarding a stabbing.
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baltimore city state's attorney patricii jessamy discussed the %->> coming forward is the right thing to do. we all want safe, communities. for ourselves and for our children. our communities will never be safe, if we allow the criminal element to control things. >> both the police commissioner, and city council president, touched on the city's top snitching mentality last night. during a vigil for milton hill. whose murder remains unsolved this evening. joy lepola, fox 45 news "late edition". >> okay, so here is the question ú% the day. can baltimore overcome the "stop snitching" mentality. 20 percent of you say yes. 80 percent say no. bree writes on facebook tonight. i doubt it. many criminals these days are bound and determined to intimidate and vie silence witnesses. police cannot always provide protection, while they are trying to fight all oo this city
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crime. >> montgomery county police investigating new claims tonight made by d.c. snipper lee boyd lee boyd malvo in a televised special on ane with leenat shatner. he claimed he participated in 42 shootings. police were only aware of 27. police will look into lee boyd malvo's claims now and will speak tt him in the upcoming weeks. >> if you have business, at baltimore county circuit court tomorrow. chances are it won't happen. the courthouse in towson closed today because of a water leak, that will keep the courthouse closed, at least, through tomorrow. anything on the docket for tomorrow, of course, will be postponed to a later date. >> new campaign ad hits the air waves from governor o'malley, touting new jobs at the port of baltimore. >> by expanding the port martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore.
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>> latest commercial from the incumbent touts the addition of 5700 jobs. but for the record. a closer look reveals 3000 of the 5700 jobs, will be one time construction jobs, expected to lasttonly thhee years. the remaining 2700 positions, will only be permanent once construction on the new berth is complete in the year 2012. stay, of course, with fox 45 news, for the latest information election. click on the vote 2010 icon in the news features section. >> another nice summer day out there today. but it is starting to get hot again. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us now with your first look at the sky watch forecast. you knoo, vytas we say it will getthot but not like 3 or 43 weeks ago. %-getting back into the 90s.res going into tomorrow. and we were in the upper 80s today. but it looks like there are showers to talk about as well. some thunderstorms making the
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way through parts of virginia, and west virginia. we have a little sprinkle up there in northern baltimore but thht's it. light sprinkle. we wiil continue to see the temperatures warming. right now 81 in baltimore. 81 in d.c. 80 in hagerstown. we will see warmer air building in from of the southwest. next day planner, plan on taking the umbrella with you because you may need it as we see a chance of showers and thunderstorm. 89 at lunch time. lower 90s back in the picture. show you how long the lower 90s will stick around coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> tax free shopping week begins sunday. all next week, clothes and shoes costing $100 or less, will be exempt from the 6 percent sales tax. the last time maryland offered tax free shopping was ironically four years ago. i believe that was an election year. this is the designed to help struggling retailers. >> if they are going to shhp, please do it now. do as much as you can.
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not only will you save 6 percent on your own purchases but you will be contributing, to the retail industry, which is very beleaguered right now. >> a warning for parents3 meantime as they shop. some school supplies could very well contain cancer causing chemicals. mary displayed items today. many shinning objects like contain poly vinyl chloride or pvc. it can cause health problems. >> to buy toxic products we're endangering ourselves and our loved ones and enabling a crooked industry to put our environment and our health..3 >> mary avoids backpacks with shinning plastic designs, using cloth or metal lunch boxes and using cardboard or fabric covered binders. >> for a complete list of pvc back to school supplies, and more information on tax free shopping go to links. >> when it comes to stealing
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cars, thieves like to think big. the insurance institute for highway safety has a new list of vehicles most likely to be stolen. topping the list, is theú cadillac escalade followed by pickups, like 250. and chevy silverado. they tend to have high-end navigational and stereo systems. >> you are hurting people. you reliving this whole dark period. >> a green light for islamic center feet from ground ero in new york city. why the controversy is far from over, despite the decision. >> and new challenge for police officers, a look at the new hurdles
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♪ fewer pieces left behind, plus all that charmin softness. looks good son. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong. enjoy the go. also, try charmin freshmates for a cleaner clean. >> a death sentence for 150-year-old building in new creation of a islamic center at ground zero. lauren green in nee york tonight to explain why despite the decision today, the controversy this time is far from over. >> all in favor? >> new york landmark preservation commission decided unanimous, the 19th century does not rise to the level ofero landmarr status. >> it is a good but not exceptional example of the style. and designed by unknown architect. >> there was outrage from
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members of the public, ho believe the mosque plan for the site tarnishs the memory of the 9/11 victims killed by islamic terrorists. >> they want to build bridges. build bridges? you are hurting people. you are making reliving the whole dark period. >> the commission's decision clears the way for tear inning down the building and the construction of $100 million, 13 story islamic cultural center in its place. they envision a cultural centerú that will have aa500 seatt3 auditorium, conference rooms, mosque, theater, restaurant and a pool. >> critics of he project argued that the 1857 building deserved prevention. because part of the landing gear w from one of the 9/11 planess3 crashed through the roof. dispute over the center hhs become a slugfest. >> this tt me is such a wrong place to have a mossue such as this. then you have the fact that it
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costs 100000000 and they are refusing to say where the money is coming from. %-opposed to the project, stucko the conviction that one of the best ways to honor those lost, is through tolerance. >> we do not honor their lives by denying the very constitutional rights they died protecting. we honor their lives by defending those rrghts. and the freedoms that the terrorists attacked. >> after spending the night, making repairs to a hydraulic leak, static kill operation, beginss thick mud is pumping into the well to cap the leak in the gulf bp said hat if the process works, reeief wells may not be needed. but will be finished regardless. >> we need to be mindful that we have long-term impacts. we need to be sobered by the fact that while the oil is stopped and not dealing with day-to-day threat. we need to assess long-term impact on our ecology. >> feds also addressed concerns
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about the chemicals used to breakup the oil. the epa said that the dispersant used is not more dangerous to sea creatures than the oil was. >> all right breaking news out of the great state of missouri. voters in that state have strongly approved a new law, reeecting a key provision of president obama's healthhcare overhaul proposal. the law prohibits the ggvernmenú from forcing people to buy health insurance. the ballot measure is seen as largely symbolic because federal law generally trumps state law but it ould mean trouble for the democratic party ome november election. >> if the mayans are correct the world will end in 201212. if you want to see 2013 you can buy a doomsday shelter. of shelters it would build. holding 130 people up to a year, with amenities like a hospital, dental facility. and even a theater.
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-> thii is not about 2012. this is about a long-term solution, for if anddwhen the need arises. so this is sooething where you better to be prepared than sorry. >> frighteningly like the 50s during the cold war..3 don't you think? they plan to build several3 centers across the u.s. each space ccsts $50,000 per adull. and $25,000 per child. >> vytas reid is not going to go there. i cannot see vytas going there but look at the sky watch forecast. which obviiusly is a good forecast. so there is no reason to go. into those shelters. correct vytas? ú% sccatching my head. think about this. i think they are called storm cellars out in the midwest? >> maybe. >> did not work ii the 50s. >> tornado shelters. anyway, no, i am not worried about it. what the heck, if yoo come out and the whole earth is burned up what did you come back for? >> that's what i say. enjoy your life.
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talking about the forecast right now. looking 80 degrees. few clouds out there. winds oot of the south at seven. humidity levels at 74 percent. and everybody tries to do something to make a dollar. what is going on? -7 degrees. 73 was the low this morning. we had a record high of 100 degrees back in 2006. and precipitation you can see nothing out there. earlierrtoday. even though there was a few not measurable.a few drops, but but that's changing as we have showers working into the %-81 in baltimore. 81 in d.c. 80 in hagerstown. 70 in oakland. out in western maryland. bigger picture. show you that there is cool air northwest. rain cooled airrfrom sleeee land down to pittsburg. then the temperatures jump in the mid 80s. warm out there in indianapolis, and lexington. and that's all coming our way. we have a little weather disturbance riggt here that cootinues to head south. that misses us, just to the south. still a light shower possible through the overnight. for the next couple of days, chance for off-and-on showers and thunderstorms, with the heat and instability out there.
11:17 pm
so keep the umbrellas nearby going through the next couple of days. tonight 78, chance of showers over the city. around the central portion of the state. looking at tomorrow. mostly cloudy skiee. with chances for thunderstorms. off-and-on through the afternoon and evening. that temperature is 93. muggy out there. and 96, warmer on thursday. friday 92. get rid of the showers. more sunshine leading us into the weekend. saturday and sunday are fabulous with upper 80s, with enjoyyble sunshine. jeff? >> vytas, thank youu >> baltimorr city police have a new place to test their metal. new obstacle course opened today at the fire and police academy in northwest bbltimore. some officers, found it to be a real, reallchallenge. >> it will teach them determination. obstacles are not going anywhere so they will have to finish. so it definitely will show some will and determination, and also good motivator once you finish, you feel gooo about what you did. >> many of the city's police swat team, tested this course
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today. >> injuries bite the ravens again. this time it is on the offensive side of the ball. find out how long receiver derrick mason is out of action coming up in sports. >> and will aerosmith's frontmmn be the next simon cowell? hear what stephen tyler had to say to a barrage of questions on the idol front what this droid does will change how you do movies. with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does.
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with the new steak and bacon muffin melt with, oh yeah, bacon. crank up the flavor at subway. >> get this.3 a unique art show turns the average frig into fine art. it is a new exhibit in the windy city of chicago. that runs through september. the collection consists of nine frigs, or refrigerators, that by chicago area rtists. >> new twist on dumpster diving brutal summer heat down there in the lone star state. maryanna and her neighbor rented a dumpster, used and turned it into a pool. swimming, in seaaull dunk. sounds fun. after swimming season has ended dumpster is drained and used to help a neighbor dispose of some
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scrap metal. >> all right. before making his orioles debut as manager, buck showalter spent most of the day introducing him to his new team and preparing for tonight's game against the angels. some could say the new skipper may be bringing motivation to the birds. batts were hot tonight. there is the new skipper. hoping for a win on his orioles debut. top of the fifth. no score. kendrick lines one to deep left off gutherie. finds the seats for the two run home run. his ninth of the year. angels up 2-0. and buck showalter does not like that one. bottom fifth. wieters shoots it to left center. peia scores from second. and wieters in to second with a stand up double. orioles cut the lead in half. bottom sixth. same score, red hot luke scott. hits a bomb that lands near the last ow of the rrght field
11:23 pm
seats. that is his team leading 19th homer. buck showalter likes that one. later in the inning two on for the rookie bell. delivers with his first major league double all the way to the left field wall. peia scores easily. wieters comes home. relay throw and it is not in time. o's extend the lead to 5-2. as bell takes third on the overthrow. and top nine. up simone strikes out kendrick to end the game. orioles manager. he has winning record. 6-3 over the angels. >> you know, i am excitee about it. i hope the players are. you always like to end up on the right side of it, regardless of the situation. but you know, what comes first, old chemistry, and culture, and whatever you want to throw on it. what comes first. i have news for you, w comes first. certainly helps a lot of things
11:24 pm
carry more importance. >> up ii westminster, the ravens continue to prepare for their preseason opener a week from thursday against the anthers. head coach john harbaugh was pleased with the physicality of the morning training camp practice. that is, until he got somm bad news before meeting the media. ravens receiver derrick mason had to be carried off the field after spring his right anklee3 late session. mason said he tried to plant and just twisted the ankle the right wrong. 14 year veteran said it is not a serious injury and he will be fine. he is just going to take it day-by-day. >> and nfl commissioner roger goodell is at training camp tomorrow morning in westminster. jeff, back to you. >> speculation still swirling about who will be at the judge's table for season 10 of fox's american idol. one of the names in many of those rumors, stephen tyler,
11:25 pm
mr. loveein the levator himself was put on the hot seat today on a texas radio show. frontman did not have concrete answers however. >> it is a work in progress.ú one of those things, you know, they mentioned it. and went on tour. so i have to give it time. >> ryan seacrest was at auditions in new jersey today. he said there should be an announcement within the next few weeks. >> it looks like definitely [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to 100% fiber optics. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, heating up to 93. thursday, 96. ú%th showers and thunderstorms. 92 on friday. sunshine returns for the weekend with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. and it looks like we see more sunshine next week. back to you. >> thanks so much vytas. that does it for the "late edition". thanks for joining us tonight i am jeff barnd.ú up next, is the 70s show.
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